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Xenos Hunters: Redemptor Honor Kit (OG)Xenos Hunters: Redemptor Honor Kit (OG)
Base - Vulture Jetpacks (PM) OGBase - Vulture Jetpacks (PM) OG
Base - Vulture Jetpacks (PM) OG
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Winged Swords : Eternus Assault Armor DreadWinged Swords : Eternus Assault Armor Dread
Spiked - Chordero Jetpacks (OG)Spiked - Chordero Jetpacks (OG)
Bolt Cannon - R2 Hatch Turrets (OG)Bolt Cannon - R2 Hatch Turrets (OG)
Plasfire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)Plasfire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)
Meltafire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)Meltafire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)
Flamefire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)Flamefire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)
Twin Rapfire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)Twin Rapfire - R1 Hatch Turrets (OG)
10x Studded - Prime Chordero Jetpacks (OG)10x Studded - Prime Chordero Jetpacks (OG)
Cybornauts : Full Atlas Pattern Kit (OG)Cybornauts : Full Atlas Pattern Kit (OG)
Greek Bull: Full Atlas Pattern Kit (OG)Greek Bull: Full Atlas Pattern Kit (OG)
10x Xenos Hunters - G:13 Alpha Pauldron
Xenos Hunters : Prime Dread Mantle (OG)Xenos Hunters : Prime Dread Mantle (OG)
Goblin Tank : Grenault-UNGoblin Tank : Grenault-UN
Goblin Tank : Grenault-UN
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