Kobolds of Yao Long Temple

This new collection from Mojibake Miniatures contains a set of kobolds, complete with modular hands and props.

Under the leadership of their dragon boss, they can make for a fun but challenging adventure!

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Adventurer's Guide - The Book of Beasts

From Yasashii Kyojin Studio, the Book of Beasts includes warbands of low-CR monsters perfect for your newly-formed adventuring party.

Test your mettle against a band of minotaurs or goblins, before coming face-to-face with their War Chief for an unforgettable mini-boss battle.

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Monpong Croak

Monpong Croak is a new set of 21 Asian-inspired frog villages miniatures, created by Mojibake Miniatures.

Meet all the villages and boost your next RPG adventures and tabletop games!

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Marines vs Insectoids

Cosmondo are designing and producing new miniatures inspired by dystopian worlds.

These minis are highly modular, with the ability to take them apart, swap limbs and change poses!

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The Barbarian

The newest miniature from The Lion's Tower - The Barbarian - has now arrived!

Sculpted by Dan Kelly, this model comes in both 75mm and 120mm scale, with two different body types available.

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