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Welcome to the ZBS Miniatures physical subscription on Only-Games! On this page you will be able to monthly get your hands on printed copies of our miniatures for the lowest possible price!

For this month we created two subscription tiers. The main tier offers 7 Hazard Automata that still retain their (somewhat) human bipedal forms. The "lesser" tier gives you 2 track-based ones!

Part-flesh, part-gears and bolts, and with almost full lack of free will and sence of self-preservation, Hazard Automata were made to perform heavy manual labour and, if needed, participate in battle with their rag-tag equipment!

Our models are generally 32mm heroic scale, with exact sizes varying slightly between ranges, and are compatible with modern tabletop games and RPGs.

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ZBS Team

ZBS Physical Subscription - Major

ZBS Physical Subscription - Lieutenant