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Archvillain Society - Only-GamesArchvillain Society - Only-Games
Archvillain Society
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Archvillain Bust - Only-Games
Archvillain Bust
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Archvillain Full Collection - Only-GamesArchvillain Full Collection - Only-Games
Archvillain Full Collection
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Welcome to the hallowed halls of the Archvillain Society!

“Villains, heroes, anti-heroes… all are welcome here.

Whatever path your adventure takes, just know that you are responsible for your choices, whatever they may be.

No one is to be excluded from the society as long as they adhere to this.

Accountability above all else.”

Archvillain Society

Each month, we will be releasing a set of 3 Society Members. Join us to receive a new set of villains every month!
  • Nashgur, Infernal Emissary (25mm Base)
  • Gadar, Fallen Bureaucrat (25mm Base)
  • Twilight, Nephilim Sorcerer (25mm Base)

Archvillain Bust

Archvillain Full Collection

  • 1x Aratiel The Golden (100mm base)
  • 1x Celtan, Favoured of Barachiel (100mm base)
  • 4x Astral Gryphon Riders (75mm base)
  • 4x Judgement Devas (50mm base)
  • 4x Justicar Angels, Male (25mm base)
  • 4x Justicar Angels, Female (25mm base)
  • 4x Aratiel The Golden (Bust)
  • 3x Archvillain Society