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Thalassa: Jib Sails Upgrade set
Thalassa: Jib Sails Upgrade Set UNFURLED
Thalassa: Mastery Flags SetThalassa: Mastery Flags Set
Thalassa: Mastery Flags Set
Sale price£3.50
Built-in Tower trio - Only-GamesBuilt-in Tower trio - Only-Games
Thalassa: Archistratigos Class Trireme UNFURLED - Only-GamesThalassa: Archistratigos Class Trireme UNFURLED - Only-Games
Thalassa: Protos Class Trireme UNFURLEDThalassa: Protos Class Trireme UNFURLED
Thalassa: Protos Class TriremeThalassa: Protos Class Trireme
Thalassa: Protos Class Trireme
Sale price£18.00
Thalassa: Ischyros Class Trireme UNFURLEDThalassa: Ischyros Class Trireme UNFURLED
Thalassa: Ischyros Class TriremeThalassa: Ischyros Class Trireme
Thalassa: Tolmiros Class Penteconter UNFURLEDThalassa: Tolmiros Class Penteconter UNFURLED
Thalassa: Grigora Class PenteconterThalassa: Grigora Class Penteconter
Thalassa: Tolmiros Class PenteconterThalassa: Tolmiros Class Penteconter
Archery Tower - Only-GamesArchery Tower - Only-Games
Oxybeles Artillery Tower - Only-GamesOxybeles Artillery Tower - Only-Games
Monagon Artillery tower - Only-GamesMonagon Artillery tower - Only-Games
Thalassa: Upgrades Pack - Only-GamesThalassa: Upgrades Pack - Only-Games
Thalassa: Upgrades Pack
Sale price£10.00
Thalassa: Archistratigos Class Trireme - Only-GamesThalassa: Archistratigos Class Trireme - Only-Games
Thalassa: Grigora Class Penteconter UNFURLEDThalassa: Grigora Class Penteconter UNFURLED
Thalassa: Fleet Command dice, tokens and ramming template - Only-GamesThalassa: Fleet Command dice, tokens and ramming template - Only-Games
Thalassa: Easy Tokens (Trireme Crew Upgrades) - Only-Games

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